Create your server Infrastructure

Getting Started with Bigstep

Welcome to Bigstep and let's get started! Below you will find the steps necessary to create an account and deploy your infrastructure from our easy-to-use user interface. Log in anytime you need to manage your Bigstep infrastructure.

If you get stuck or have questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

Create a Bigstep account

If you haven't already, create your Bigstep account:

  1. Go to the Sign Up page and enter your information.
  2. Check your email and activate your email address.

Once your account is active, you are ready to go! 


Create Your Server Infrastructure

An Infrastructure describes a systems’ architecture and it contains various elements, such as hardware, storage, network, and operating system (OS). These elements are logically connected and designed to be easily allocated, via our intuitive drag-and-drop editor.

Here are the steps to follow once you log in:

1. Select the owner and datacenter (you can change it afterwards) and name your infrastructure.

2. Access the Infrastructure Editor, where you can start drafting your project.

3. Click on "Create your first Instance Array" and then configure your server according to your needs. You can choose the server type, number of servers, boot type, operating system and disk size. It is also possible to add your IP in the firewall or configure a new firewall rule.


4. Edit each component - the server (InstanceArray) and the storage (DriveArray and san), according to your needs.


Access this section anytime from: > Infrastructure Editor.


Server Options

Here is how to view or edit the configuration of your server (InstanceArray):

1. Click on the badge with Edit under it and a new window will open, where you will see the characteristics of your server: configuration, firewall settings, and current drive information.


2. If the preselected configuration matches your needs, you can simply skip this screen.

3. If you need to update the server settings, in the Configuration menu, remove (1) the default option and click on "Add new" (2) to see all hardware configurations available, as described in the image below.


Storage Options

Here is how to view or edit the configuration of your storage (DriveArray):

1. Click on the "DriveArray" badge to see the options.


2. In the next window, you will see the minimal configuration to get started. You can update the disk size, choose between an HDD or an SSD, and select the operating system (OS). This is where you can also delete the drive.


3. From the left-side menu, add more InstanceArrays and DriveArrays. You can either click on the component or use the drag-and-drop functionality. Come back and customize your infrastructure anytime, as your project grows.


Go Live

Keep in mind that no changes will take effect unless you click the Deploy button.

1. Check the Overview window to make sure your settings are correct.

2. Ready to go live? Hit Deploy! Your infrastructure will be up and running in a few moments.

3. You might be prompted to enter your credit card information, if you skipped this step while creating your account.


Next Steps

You can always come back and make changes to your infrastructure quickly and easily. Bigstep's Metal Cloud is both powerful and flexible, so you can adjust as you grow.

If you need help or have any questions, contact us.



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